Disposables Poll – What do you think?

Disposable vapes have become an hot topic in the vape industry. They are frequently the first “vape” many people buy. You can’t deny that they are handy, small, and easy to carry. They are easy to hide and stealth vape. This can cause problems with where they are used and who is using them. We want to know what you think?

Disposables – Love ’em, Hate ’em, or Just Don’t Care Live

  • Love 'em, use them all the time
    63% 85 / 134
  • Like 'em, they're handy for my lifestyle
    5% 8 / 134
  • Neutral, they can be convenient sometimes
    19% 26 / 134
  • Don't like 'em, I'll stick with my mod
    5% 8 / 134
  • Hate 'em, I think they are a big problem for the vape industry
    5% 7 / 134