I Want To Quit Smoking! Vape Basics

You’ve reached that point where you are ready to pull the trigger, quit smoking and switch to vaping!  Congratulations!  There are a few quick tips to help you get started correctly and safely.

  • Find a local Vape Shop that you are comfortable in.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has lots of vape shops, take the time to visit a number of them.  Ask friends who already vape where they shop.  Find a shop where they are knowledgeable, friendly, and you can ask all the questions you need to because you should be asking lots of questions.

For now, you might save some money ordering online but that is ending or getting much more expensive with PACT Act requirements for shipping.  You’re just as likely to spend more online since you can’t see, touch, or taste anything you buy.  Buying things you don’t like doesn’t help.  This is a shameless plug for our Vaporized shops but it is also a simple truth.

  • Pick a mod that is right for you.

If you did a good job with #1 then this step is much easier.  There are so many devices out there on the market today that it can be overwhelming to choose.  There are lots of things to consider.  Do you want an internal battery or separate batteries that can be quickly swapped?  Do you want a tank, rta, rda, pod, pod mod, etc.?  Getting started means starting out a little simple for most people.  This is where that local shop can help guide you in choosing the device for you.  Don’t spend a fortune or your first mod.  Get something simple that fits your budget.

Your favorite shop ( Vaporized, of course ) can help you get your new mod setup correctly and quickly right up front.  It is a huge help to comfortably know how your new mod works.  We can make sure you walk out happy and vaping.

  • Find some good e-liquids to vape.

Taste is very subjective.  What tastes amazing to one person is bland to another.  Hopefully you have found a good local shop.   You won’t really know you like an e-liquid until you taste it.  That is difficult over the internet.  Find that shop again from #1 and most shops have a method for you to taste the e-liquid.

When I first started vaping, I wanted an e-liquid that tasted as close to my cigarette as I could find.  Some of the best advice I received early was try a little bit of everything.  Flavor in e-liquid can be very different.  You might be surprised by what you like.  Try your tobacco flavor but try others as well.  Learn what you like.

  • Be gentle but firm.

Quitting smoking is not easy.  Your early hits from your new vape will make you cough.  You will want to start by just drawing vape into your mouth and NOT inhaling.  This will feel a little unnatural to cigarette smokers but completely natural to cigar smokers.  You will be getting nicotine this way.  Eventually, inhale a little of the vape you have drawn into your mouth.  Slowly build the “size” of your hit.  Soon you will be just vaping.  No more nasty cigarettes.

Stick to it.  Having a cigarette early in switching is not uncommon.  Don’t beat yourself up but also be firm with yourself.  Get back to the vape and reduce and then eliminate the stinky cigarettes.  Find fellow vapers to talk to and find out how they made the switch.  If I can do it, you can too.

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