FreeMaX Maxus 200W Reveiw

The FreeMaX MAXUS 200W Kit is the newest and biggest addition to FreeMaX’s DTL vape devices. Coming equipped with the Maxus Pro Tank, this device holds two 18650 batteries under a simple magnetic cover for superior battery life.

Unlike practically every other vape on the market at this moment, this device allows you to put in your batteries and completely disregard any kind of polarity. This SmartLoad feature not only makes changing batteries thoughtless, it also means the device can be run with only a single battery if desired.

The included Maxus Pro Tank is the true star of this kit in my opinion. Being a direct upgrade to the old FreeMaX Pro Tank, the Maxus Pro holds an astounding 5ml of juice, and the top fill is an easy to use, child-proof design. It is actually ISO 8317 Child Resistant Certified! With it, you won’t have to worry about the tank opening up by itself and dumping its contents into your pocket or purse.

The kit comes in ten different colors including metal and resin options, and each one has a matching Maxus Pro Tank included.

I personally prefer the metal myself, but that brings me to my one point of contention with the kit itself. If you purchase the metal version, do be warned, it is much easier to scratch than the resin covers on the other versions. I’ve had mine for a little over a month, and I’ve already gotten a few scratches in the areas covered by resin in the other kit versions.

Obviously, the kit supports the standards like wattage, temperature control, and variable voltage. With the batteries in it, it has a decent heft to it. Overall, this is a wonderful kit from FreeMaX and I’d say the included tank pushes it to being an excellent upgrade for someone looking for better battery life. 

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